Calhoons 24 Hour Fitness

Personal Training

Personal trainingWhether you are just beginning an exercise program for the first time or you are a veteran athlete, a Personal Trainer can help take your workouts to the next level! Our knowledgeable Personal Trainers can design a custom workout program just for you to help you meet your individual health and fitness goals. Some people enlist the services of a Personal Trainer for each of their workouts while others hire a Personal Trainer only once or twice per month. You can work with your Personal Trainer to develop a schedule that works for you.

Personal Training sessions are conducted in Calhoon’s Fitness Center. For more information about the equipment available in the Fitness Center, please see ‘Fitness Center’ under ‘Gym Info’. Please make sure to wear appropriate workout attire (no jeans, belts, loose jewelry, etc.) and bring your own sweat towel. Portions of your Personal Training session may also be conducted in the matted workout area (Pilates exercises, various calisthenics, etc. when working on the floor). Please be sure to remove your shoes before walking on the mats, and ALWAYS put your shoes back on immediately when leaving the mats.

Personal Training sessions are scheduled directly with the Personal Trainer of your choice. Personal Training sessions can be conducted even during non-business hours.